If you are looking for a reliable, complete and professional SMPS repair guide, Jestine Yong Switch Mode Power Supply Repair eBook is recommended. SMPS repair guide eBook give you the secret and strategy in repairing any type of Switch Mode Power Supply. Most expert electronic technician out there will not tell you how to locate SMPS problem and identifying bad component in SMPS. Knowing step by step process on how to Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies need a professional guide to hold your hand and walk you through the SMPS repairing process.

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This best selling SMPS repair guide eBook is a MUST HAVE product for beginner and advance electronic technicians / repairer who want to improve SMPS repairing skills. Be sure to BUY NOW, to avoid wasting time in SMPS repairs. You must know how to repair, not just to understand the SMPS theories.

Fact about most beginner SMPS repairer
Power supply repair is not a hard science (SMPS repair guide by Jestine Yong will prove it), experienced electronic repairers know that having the right procedure to troubleshoot and repair power supply is the key to long term success in electronic repair business. When got new SMPS problem, many many technicians struggled to repair broken SMPS.

They read all stories about successful SMPS repairers and focusing on the wrong information which is on the study of too much switch mode power supply theories. They hope being able to fixing switch mode power supply problem and making money with it. The fact is they failed in repairing SMPS and frustrated .

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What You Get From The SMPS Repair Guide EBook

  • Step by step SMPS repair guide instructions in 271 pages. Easy to follow, complete with photo and diagram.
  • smps repair guide ebookKnowing exactly Switch Mode Power Supply works
  • Learn how to isolate problems in SMPS and you can speed up your repair
  • You will know how to read SMPS Schematic Diagram and work function of each parts in switch mode power supply
  • Identifying the voltages and critical waveforms in SMPS parts, so you can diagnose easily the faults
  • Complete full color photos (about 246 photos + diagrams) to go along with the step by step instructions
  • This SMPS repair guide book will show you five secret methods to quick troubleshoot and repair any type of Switch Mode Power Supply
  • You will know 13 case histories in repairing ATX power supplies
  • And more

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Special worth bonuses when you Order SMPS Repair Guide Online right NOW!

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    Will guide you on How To Build Your Own PWM IC Tester to avoid wasted much money by replacing the power IC without knowing it whether it has a problem or not. With simple UC3842 IC Tester, you can test the IC is good or bad.
  2. How to build Zener Diode Tester
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    Step by step to build a simple and cheap your own  Zener Diode Tester, that is powerful tester. Don’t miss it to give a try.
  3. Free Email Consultation support

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Benefit of SMPS repair guide eBook for your business

  • You can repair unlimited Brands Of SMPS and earn more Money
  • Start your own electronic repair center. You can use troubleshooting and repairing skills from SMPS repair guide eBook to repair other electronic equipment and circuits as well
  • Establish SMPS repair course in your country

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