Interference in Switching Power Supply. Do you have a problem with your machine after changing a good quality switching power supplies like Omron or Siemens? The problems similar like processor hangs out, and you have to reset the main electric supply very often. Sometimes works and sometime the problem exist. Do not justice if the problem come from your Power Supply.

You must check the power of you main supply voltage (it can be 220VAC or 380VAc). Just check for stability and the frequency, then you have to check the grounding and the cable which is coming from the main supply. After if everything is normal check the switching power supply with a multimeter if it is cutting the energy properly. After all these, you will found the problem. If you need more explanation, go to Switch Mode Power Supply Repair to understand the critical waveforms and voltages in many parts of the Switching Power Supply section thus helping you to easily diagnose the faults.