Switch mode power supply circuit diagram comes with the bridge circuit, it has a bridge rectifier. Bridge rectifier should be a four individual diodes or single pack rectifier. In circuit diagram of smps bridge rectifier has a function to convert AC source as incoming voltage to DC voltage and flow through capacitor as a ripple voltage filter (capacitor value usually is 220uf 400volt). Some countries use AC source 220 to 240 VAC, so you get DC voltage approx 300 VDC. And if use 110-120 VAC as incoming source you get about 150 to 160 VDC of direct current voltage.

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In order to analyze the problem of switch mode power supply you have to perform voltage testing on it circuit. Here the detailed information and step by step guide to perform voltage testing on various smps circuit and how to locate the problem of switched mode power supply.

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How the switch mode power supply circuit works? This is a simple explanation. A switching mode power supply operates by switching some sort of energy storage device between charging mode and discharging modes. Usually, the energy storage device is an inductor or a center tapped transformer, although switching capacitors may accomplish the same sort of goal.

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The key feature of switching power supply is energy efficiency in the conversion and regulation from AC or DC to a different level of DC, either approximately than the original. The energy is usually store as a magnetic field around an inductor, and the switching is controlled by a voltage comparator with a little hysteresis built in to prevent it from operating as a linear regulator. For further reference, SMPS repair guide ebook by Jestine Yong will help you in repairing various types of SMPS with fast and accurate.